Le Ruisseau – The Rules

We have furnished the chalet in a contemporary but cosy style, and it is well equipped with WiFi Internet access throughout.   We expect our guests to treat Le Ruisseau as if it is their own home, and to replace any things that are used.  If there is a breakage or damage, please tell Christophe straightaway.

There are a couple of cardinal rules:

Wooden floors: only wear socks or soft shoes when you are in the chalet and walking on the wooden floors.  Boots are fine in the mountain room, but please do not let anyone nip into the rest of Le Ruisseau with their boots on, whatever the circumstance – the wooden floors dent and chip easily.
Outside plunge pool: it is essential to shower before using the pool otherwise the bacteria will flourish in the warm water.  Please don’t take drinks or food to the pool, and replace the cover after use.
Smoking: it is not permitted inside the chalet.
Pets: none are permitted in the chalet.

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